The Maine Icelandic Horse Association

Maine Icelandic Horse Association

The Maine Icelandic Horse Association (MIHA) was formed in January, 2005 as a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Icelandic horse owners together in the state of Maine. Our main goal is to support Icelandic horses, their riders, and others who love this breed.

Our members are diverse – from first-time horse owners and riders to experienced equestrians, from occasional trail riders to dedicated daily riders (come snow, rain, heat or bugs!). Some of us have one special Icelandic horse while others have small herds. We are involved in breeding, showing, pleasure riding, training, demonstrations, carriage driving, and just enjoying our horses. As a group, we are drawn together by our enthusiasm for a breed of horses that we consider very special. MIHA encourages all our members to continue to develop their riding skills. Only through continued learning can we fully appreciate the unique abilities of this special breed. We strive to educate ourselves and others (including non-horseowners and potential horseowners) by sharing our knowledge, participating in events, and providing information and resources that are specific to this breed.

Our webpage contains a bit about Icelandic horses; a listing of upcoming events; Icelandic farms in Maine; information about Icelandic tack shops, farriers and other resources; our membership form and the form to apply for a scholarship for sponsored events; and personal stories about our experience with Icelandic horses. Plus pictures of us and our horses!

You will also find a list of people who are happy to chat about Icelandic horses or help find resources. If you have questions, concerns, or just would like to talk to someone else who shares a love of Icelandic horses, feel free to email or call one of us. If you have ideas for club events or activities, we would love to hear them also.

The next general meeting of the Maine Icelandic Horse Association will be held Monday, April 21, 5:30 PM at the Maine Farm Bureau, 4 Gabriel Drive, Suite 1, Augusta ME.

4 Gabriel Dr, Augusta ME

Trail ride at Ice Follies Farm

Happy riding!